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Wrong CT scan, new appointment for next week


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My dad got a phone call yesterday from the hospital advising him of when his CT scan was scheduled for. He advised them that he had already had it two weeks ago. To which they replied

"That was of the Chest and Abdomen not the Neck and Spine"

No wonder they were unable to come to a conclusive decision they were looking at the wrong CT scan!!

My dads pain is all in the neck and shoulder area and that is where his GP spotted the leasion (spelling??) which is why he ordered the CT scan in the first place!

What the heck is going on???? I live in Canda for crying out loud not a Third World Country...why dont they have a clue what they are doing with my dad!!!???!!!

Sorry for venting but very frustrated right now. We thought that perhaps life would become normal again until his three month checkup but apparently not..now we have to wait for the scan next week and then the results the week after.

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Hi Tracy,

I understand your frustration but let me assure you, this mix-up is not due to it being in Canada. I could tell you some stories from last summer when I spent it with my Dad in NY when he was undergoing chemo... I have some "horror" stories of mix-ups from the hospital and oncologist. ((We did end up switching oncologists when the chemo was over and none of us were ever uncomfortable with the decision). As for the hospital, I had many unsatifactory and confused dealings with them as well. So honestly, we can't blame that one on Canada. But as everyone will tell you, every cancer patient needs an advocate with them to keep track of everything along the way. And even with the advocate, you do sometimes get "tripped" up because you assume things were done or that someone "covered" some ground. So as caretakers, we can only do our best too.

However, as for blaming Canada, well, I had no idea that our health insurance did not cover PET scans. I can't imagine why if they are doctor recommended and that one really bothers me. I know my Dad doesn't get PETs that often but at times, they have been helpful. At other times, they haven't helped. But we should have the option. I'm all for a two tier health system but that's another issue.

Anyway, Tracy, I'm sorry you and your family are going through this aggravation which shouldn't really happen I know how hard it is when you think you are going to get the answers and then there is more waiting and more waiting and more waiting......

Prayers and thoughts for you and your family!!!!!


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So sorry about this Tracey it's maddening isn' it! One has to be so on top of the medical people all the time. I don't know what the inneficiency is caused by but I think it is often "over-booking" which causes too much stress on the staff. My husband is always saying I worry too much, but my "worrrying" has often paid off as far as his treatment for LC is concerned. Hope his all gets straightened out soon. Love Paddy

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