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that ´was me as Judy B


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Hi all,

I logged on as Mom, because I want to read her posts. I have nothing much of her, and I am starting to work again on this book we started together and I want to read her posts etc. I hope this is okay with katie and Rick.

anyhow, if you see Judy B online, it is just me getting her posts, or reading them. This is all for her, and to help others like her.

I miss her so much sometimes I feel I won't make it,. but knowing that she wouldn't want me to give up, and she would want me to try to help others, I do go on,. As we reacch month five, I find it harder and harder everyday, but also growing some strength,

anyhow, just wanted her friends to know it is just me, her daughter.


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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the nice words. I know Mom would be happy.

I am in Denmark working on this animated film called Asterix (it is from a French comic) anyhow. Things have been hectic and I got here just after Mom died. I fear I am not handling it well at all, but I am trying. I have a hard time getting on line, but I just got a computer at home, and am looking into ISPs here, so I should be on more andmore.

Thanks again and take care. Please feel free to email me diectly if you want. Stepholivieri@hotmail.com

HUGS Steph

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Stephanie, its funny that you were looking up your moms old posts...I have been doing the same the past few days. Looking up old posts of mine about whatever was going on with my dad when he was alive. I wanted to remember what was going on before, how I felt, what I was saying or Dad was saying.

I was also looking at old Private messages that I have recieved, namely from your mom. She was a special lady, and I miss her, too. I am sure that your mom is as proud of you now as she was when she was here to tell you herself, or to tell us-as she has done in her posts.

Take care of yourself, Stephanie, and try to feel your moms presance, she is with you. She always will be. Deb

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