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Thank you from Marie Foley

Marie's girl

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I was able to spend the past five weeks helping take care of my mom, Marie Foley, whose lung cancer has metastasized to her brain. She now has hemmorhagic cystatic brain cancer. She underwent 14 radiation treatments which probably reduced the tumors a little but she is now under the care of Hospice at home.

She is not in any pain, is very alert when she is awake and has a wonderful appetite. (Klondike bars were the food of choice last week along with chocolate cake!!!)

My sister came down on Monday and I was sent home to get rest. I was hurt that I was told to leave. I wanted to stay. But I do have a 16 yr old starting school and a 19 yr old. So, I guess it was necessary for me to be home for a few weeks.

Mom has started to get dizzy these past 2 days. We had reduced the decadron down to 4mg/day last Friday. She is on oxygen for 20 hrs a day. And has no movement on her left side.

Her wish is that it be over and God takes her to Heaven. She asked me to update you and thank you for all of your wonderful prayers. She hopes each of you are doing well with your own battle and she prays for all of you daily.

I would go in and check on her and ask her if she was ok. She smiled and said "I'm praying for everyone".

Thank you for everything,


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I am sorry to hear about your mother. The good news is she is not in pain and getting to eat all of that chocolate. I am sure you are exhausted and need to rest. They wanted you to leave for yourself and your family, not themselves. Take care of yourself and return when things gets settled at home. I will keep your mother in my prayer list.


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Your dear mother and my dear Earl look like they are in very similar places right now. Earl is in hospice at our home and has multi brain tumors.

He is mostly sleeping and his food of choice is fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit. (And we all know the results of that)

If there is a good thing here, is that it looks like they are both not in pain and are both peaceful, although it doesn't make if any easier.

I am sure it was sad for you to have to go home, but it is important for your children for you to be with them.

Your mother will be in my prayers.

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How hard for all of you. I know that you are torn in your duties and desires right now. The diet sounds wonderful :wink: and whatever lighter moments you can find in the situation might help see you through. Bless your mom for still being concerned about others and please let her know that she is likewise in our thoughts and prayers.

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So sorry to hear about your mom but at least she is not in any pain our prayers are with you and mom also the rest of your family dont feel bad about leaving her you have to rest and spend time with your family. God Bless each and every one of you. Lots of prayers coming your way. Keep us posted. Charolette

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Guest marie foley

Hi Everyone,

Elaine told me she thanked everyone for me. I just want you to know how wonderful you all are. I am very, very fatigued. Elaine is writing this for me.

Thank you very much for your support and prayers,

Marie Foley

PS....Mom wanted to have me thank you under her name and this is what she wanted written!!! *smile

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What an amazing woman your mother must be to take time to have you post her thanks and well wishes to US!!!

Just wanted to let you and your mom know that my thoughts are with you both...

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