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Copycat Jane - Taking a Break

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I am praying that your test results will yield something "easy" to fix. I am so sorry you feel so badly. Trying to rest in a recliner is not the best rest in the world....I did it for a month after surgery. I hope you can get back in your own bed soon. When you feel like it please let us know what your test results are. We do worry about you. Take care of yourself this week.


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Hey Mary,

I don't think Cat has left just yet. I think she is pulling our legs about taking a break so she can get our shoes to add to her shoe pile! She can't fool us!!! :P:P:P I've seen posts of hers all over the board today. :? BUT, if she does take a break, I sure hope she feels better real soon. Any Chance Cat, you might go see a doctor about all that pain your in?? :idea::idea: Hope your feeling better soon!



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Good luck with whatever you choose, we will support you with your absence or presence..

We are open 24/7 so we will always be here and the door is always open...



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