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Back from Surgery at Hopkins


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Hi All,

Sorry, we've been away. Dad finally had his lobectomy at Hopkins on August 5th. Before beginning the surgery, they did a bronchoscopy and found a lesion in his airway. They were certain it was cancer and had a pathologist rushed down and they performed a biopsy. By the incredible grace of God, it was benign! They said that if it had been cancer, they would've stopped and not done the surgery. The removed the lesion. They then removed the middle lobe of his right lung and found that the cancer had started to slightly invade the upper lobe so they did a small wedge resection on that lobe. The doctor stressed that it was very little and would not effect his lung function anymore than the 5% they told him would happen. Anyway, all in all it was successful. The drain coming out of the surgery site was draining a little too much so we spent a little extra time at the hospital :) Dad is doing well physically, just alot of pain. We just received the pathology results. Unfortunately it was inconclusive as to whether or not this was a metastisis from his laryngeal cancer but he was told it was T1 N1 and from what I've read, I think that means he is Stage IIA??? Anyway, looks like he will have chemo. He will be meeting back with his docs at Hopkins on September 1st. I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers and I guess I will be moving to the NSCLC board. This is so new to me but would love to be a support for those of you that are already battling this annoying disease!!


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Thank God that lesion in your dad's airway was benign! I hope he is out of pain soon and that the treatments to come will be successful in fighting off "this annoying disease" as you called it! Glad to hear your report of a successful surgery. Hang in there!


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Oh Tammy, so glad to hear that your dad is doing well and that surgery went well too! GOOD NEWS!!! I'm also glad to hear he will be doing chemo. Better to be safe!!! We welcome you to our family and thank you for sharing your story of your dad. Everyone is different in this journey and sometimes a story can help someone else. Stay with us, and keep us posted. (((((TAMMY and DAD))))))

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I'm sorry that your dad is in pain but thrilled to read about how well the other aspects of the procedure(s) went. (I love to hear the word "benign"!) I second Connie B. on the decision to have chemo.

You and your family are in our thoughts--please keep us posted.


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