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Connie B

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I am wondering too Connie. Bobmc's PM I sent is still sitting in my outbox, not picked up. I think I have David S's phone number if he doesn't show up soon. Grumpy checked in not too long ago, so I think he is recovering from his hospital stay.

I also have not seen OhioKat on and mommal disappeared...wondering how her husband is.

This is a good time to remind people again to give someone their phone number so we can check on them. I am happy to keep them if you don't have a buddy to share with.


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I just want to say how wonderful this board is. The fact that you are all so in tune to the fact the someone doesn't post in a while. We are very fortunate to have this board & all you great people.

Thank you~Thank you~Thank you... Rachel

I wish I had found this when first DX'd.

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HI everyone I just got off the phone with Bob Mc, one of the oldtimers here. I called him last night today he returned my call from his hospital bed. He is hanging in there and hopes to be posting soon, I told him I'd let you all know, he will update more thourghly when he makes it home and on the board. I told him we were all praying and puling for him, and he said he was doing the same for us all here. Please give BOB your best for those who don't know him he is a super guy. David

DavidA posted this on 7/31. Have not heard from Bob yet.

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Thanks Ry for making that suggestion regarding phone numbers. And thank you Katie for letting us know about Dan Berry! I don't have a good feeling about his return mail. :(

And a note to ALL members, if you hear from a member that hasn't posted in a while, maybe you could be so kind as to let us all know how that person is doing?

Thank you Ry for heading the phone list, you do an AWESOME JOB my friend!!


Connie B.

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Oh Yes, Keith and Carleen are also missing. And while I'm on the subject of MIA's Our Donna G's computer crashed on her and she has been unable to join the board, but I can assure you she sends her prayers and MISSES everyone! She should be back with us real soon!

Please if anyone can think of others that we haven't seen or heard from, please add to this list of MIA'S!!!! Thank You.

If we don't hear from David P real soon, I have his phone number and I'm not afraid to USE IT, (DAVID P)!!!!! :wink: I will give him a call if we don't hear from him soon.

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THere are so many missing people. Joyce from Colorado comes to mind. There was also a woman with red hair, I think her Dad had LC. I think the woman was a social worker or worked at a hospital. MAKAWA. Cherbut. I was about to put a APB on GerbilRunner, but she is back. I have emailed back and forth with David S, but he hasn't written lately.


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Not very scientific - I scanned the member list. If someone had more than a couple of posts and I hadn't remembered seeing them lately was my scientific criteria. Here goes:

Deanna M





jenny G

Andrea B








That's all folks

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I received an e-mail several months ago. I will try to go back and look for it, but chances are I deleted it long ago.

There was no way to verify it because I did not know Jenny's family. But I am pretty sure the information was correct, as she never came back. It would be fantastic is someone proved me wrong and she was well and on the beach somewhere having the time of her life.

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