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Looking for NJ Activists


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I am shocked with the lack of organizations, events, etc for lung cancer in NJ. We are currently ranked 9th out of the 50 states with the amount of new lung cancer cases each year. I am just one person looking for some other energetic, interested people who would be willing to put our heads together to make our state more proactive, educated in lung cancer and most of all increase funding for research. Anyone interested please email me at beelet5@optonline.net

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Bridget ~

I already sent you a PM regarding the walk, but I also wanted to add that NJ currently has some legislature pending to declare November as "Lung Cancer Awareness Month". It has passed through the Senate and is waiting to be heard in the Assembly House, most likely in September.

I wrote to the Health Aide that is working with this legislature and told him my story, about the walk planned in our state, and urged him to do what he can to push this thing forward BEFORE November!

If you would like his contact info to correspond with him yourself for added "push" to the bill, feel free to PM me!

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