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A Poem for TBone


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TBone's daughter, Anna, who is 9 years old, wrote this poem about her Daddy and we wanted to share it with y'all:


You are the one, the only

one who I cry about these days.

I know you aren't in pain but

you left it with me. As long as I

know you're happy, it doesn't bother me.

I have been blessed to have you

as a Dad. I am so glad you

Aren't hurting anymore.

When tears come from my eyes

it is because I love you and you

aren't with me anymore. Looking

at pictures of you leaves me

with memories. I cry tears

of joy because I know you are

always beside me.

Praying for us all,


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Anna, your Daddy is with you...he will always be with you, and proud of you. I hope you know that.

The bond that you and your father had will never be broken. He will continue to live on through you; all that he ever taught you from the moment you were born...someday you will pass on to your own children...all of the memories that you have of him and will share with others, those things will allow your Daddy to live on.

He knows, Anna. And he feels your love. You are proud of your daddy, and you should be proud of yourself, too. Your Daddy was an amazing man. And I am sure that he has an amazing family, nothing less would do.

You wrote a wonderful tribute to your Dad. Thank you for sharing it with us, TeeTaa. Deb

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Oh Anna, your poem was beautiful. Your Dad must have been a very special man, none of us here ever met him, but we all loved him just knowing his written word.

He seemed kind and compassionate and madly in love with his daughter.

Always remember him, Anna. But as time goes by, try to remember him with a smile and not tears. He will always love you and he wants you to be happy.

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Anna, sweetie, that was a wonderful tribute to your Dad. Please know that your Dad loved you very much. He still does love you and he is watching over you and your Mom and brothers. Anna, I pray that God can ease the pain of losing your Dad.............turning those tears into smiles. What a sweet daughter you are. Your Dad must be very proud.

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Anna, you are a very special daughter and your daddy knows just how special. I am so, so sorry you've lost him, and I know it must hurt so very much. That was a beautiful poem you wrote for him, and every word of it is true. I love the last line, especially. I can tell you are your father's daughter, and that's a very special thing.

TeeTaa, thank you so much for sharing the poem with us.

Hugs & prayers,


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Your dad was a truly special man and, clearly, he passed many of his great qualities on to you (as, I'm sure your mom has, too!).

It was very clear from what he wrote to us here on the web site how much he loved y'all--and your beautiful poem allows us to see that he really did have reasons to brag about you!

I'm a fifth grade teacher--therefore, I read my fair share of poetry. You have a gift with words, Anna--and using them so eloquently to express your feelings is a blessing. Keep writing, Anna.

Thank you for letting you aunt share your work with us; it means a great deal to us.


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You are a wonderful poet. You express your feelings in a sweet, wise, and intelligent way. I know your mom and dad have always been proud of you and love you very much. We loved your dad and one of your aunts told us how good you were to nurse your dad when he was sick. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with us.


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