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Mom's protocol and info on dendritic cell therapy


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Hello All,

I saw our Complimentary Medicine Dr. (Dr. Chang at meridian medical http://www.meridianmedical.org/ ) with mom again today. I thought I would post the prescription meds that the Dr. has mom on with some links to articles that expand on what they may do.

800mg Celebrex:

http://www.asco.org/ac/1,1003,_12-00262 ... 750,00.asp

also check out this link which is also a very interesting video: http://www.cancer-innovations.com/cox-2/lung-cancer.asp (if your on a dial-up or slow internet connection you can also read the transcript)

Biaxin the anti cancer antibioti

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... =iconabstr

Pravacol to lower cholesterol and fight cancer: http://money.cnn.com/2004/06/07/news/fo ... olesterol/

Avandia a drug for diabetics that also fights cancer:

http://lombardi.georgetown.edu/about/ne ... ?newsID=13

And also Tagamet (the stomach acid reducer) to help protect her stomach from the celebrex and also as a anti-cancer agent:

http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2002/jul ... ne_01.html

Warning: I have read that Tagamet may interact with Irrisa!!! Please consult a Dr. before taking any drugs. Mom also gets regular blood tests to check liver function.

Mom is currently on Taxol/Carbo and Dr. Chang told us to cut out all anti-oxidants while on chemo.

Dr. Chang believes in a multi pronged approach to fighting Cancer and I strongly agree that an agressive approach is the way to go.

She is also on several supplements:

Alkyrols- shark liver oil (immune boost)

PSP- cloud mushroom extract (anti-cancer agent)

L-glutamine powder (side effect prevention)

Natcell Thymus (immune boost)

Lactoferrin (anti-cancer agent)

Thisilyn Pro (milk thistle) (liver protection)

Dr. Chang is also involved with Dendritic cell therapy that they are pioneering in Germany and can help patients get treatments there. I am highly interested in this type of therapy, and intend to get mom involved with some type of it after she finishes chemo. More info at this Web site: http://www.dendritic.info

Mom is responding miraculously well. Her tumors are literally disappearing and her cancer markers are dropping. Thank you all for your prayers as I honestly consider prayer and God’s grace to be the number one factor in her healing. There have been some amazing examples of God’s grace through out this ordeal and at some point I will put that all down in writing.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to PM me.

God Bless and prayers for all,


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Hi Geoff. That's great news about your Mom. I saw wonderful Dr. Chang yesterday. He's great. I"m happy to hear his protocol (and everyone's prayers!) are positive for you mother. Take care.

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A few things are the same, but since I am currently in remission, Dr. Chang has me on a protocol to help prevent a recurrence and to keep my immune system strong.

He has me on a custom blend chinese herbal tea containing many things, including huanglian, ganoderma, astragalus, polyphenols, different types of mushrooms (but not maitake, which studies have shown can be bad for cancer patients), licorace root, ginseng, CoQ-10, and other traditional chinese herbs which I don't have the translations for; traditional vitamins (C,D-3,E,Selenium,Zinc); green tea capsules; Mega Soy; modified citris pectin; melatonin; IP6 with inositol; tumeric (curcumin); cholestene (a natural statin); thymus spray, celebrex (800 mg/day); Tagamet; Omega 3; worm wood (artemisinin); Thisilyn; CoQ10; PSP/Coriolus Veriscolor Mushroom Extract; Chinese Red Yeast Rice (natural statin).

Dr. Chang also told me to avoid sugar, as cancer feeds off of it and to have organic dairy. And the usual - eat a lot of veggies and fruit.

Take care.

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That is great news, if you would like first hand knowledge on the vaccine therapy, i know a lady that flies to Germany, to get treatments from Dr. Nesslehut. She has mentioned in the past, that she would be willing to correspond with others that have questions. I believe her secondary Oncologist is Dr. Chang also.


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Cary, Dr. Chang is not an oncologist. He used to work in some Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the medicine department before starting his own practice of Integrative/Complementary care. In addition to his medical training in China, he is also a licensed western M.D.

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