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Mets to Liver, Morphine side affects question


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Well I was hoping for a clean scan, but instead got hit with the news of 3 lesions on the liver. Sh*t. My dad is also experiencing pain in the pelvic region. The x-ray was clean, but the pain remains quite uncomfortable. The doc told him to double his dose of MS Contin to 30 mg/twice daily. The problem is that it doesn't help the pain and it makes him completely lose his concentration. Has anyone had any similar side affect from MS Contin? I'm going to request another drug that may be more beneficial with less side affects -- if such a thing exists. Thanks, and be well.


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Hi Didier,

Sorry for the news about your dad.

I never liked MS Contin, either....had it when I had back surgery and when I was dx'd this spring. It didn't seem to alleviate the pain, and did make me a bit foggier that I usually am.

I find that plain old Percocet keeps the pain at bay. Trick is to take it every 4 hours so the pain doesn't get a chance to build. In the beginning, your dad may feel a little foggy, but after a day or two the body adjusts.

Good luck.......Mary :)

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I got used to the MS contin, and the fog lifted. I also take Vioxx for the pain the morphine didn't address....

When I had active cancer, which was terrifically painful, I went from MScontin (300 mg) to the Fentanyl patch (100 mg)for opioid resistant pain, plus the vioxx.

That seemed to do it.

I hope they can get your dad comfortable soon.


Prayers always,


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