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immune system and reoccurance


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One of these day's I'd like to figure out how to add a picture... not of me though, yuck. Maybe my 3 kids, 3 dogs or 3 cats???

anyway, as I've posted before I'm working a second job now to make ends meet. so I'm up to about 70 hours a week. Plus all the house and yard work (I'm not sure if I'd rather mow the grass or shovel snow :shock: ) I'm worried about my immune system. I really believe (I know this is debatable) that when my immune system was so run down a few years ago that cancer was able to take hold of me the first time. Prior to that I'd never had a really bad illness, never smoked, been around smokers, their is no cancer in my any of my large extended family. But I was going through a divorce, my kids were really small, I have no family and my ex was really putting me through the mill. I was working full time, with an after work little job and I started giving plasma. The money is great and it's not counted as income. I wasn't getting child support and my kids and I had NOTHING. You have to give twice a week without fail in order to make extra money and I did but I was so dehydrated and worn out. I lost a ton of weight so much so I had to wear a coat, shoes, carry my purse anything to help me make weight. I looked like death warmed over. I could only handle about a year and a half of it. Anyway it was shortly after that that I was diagnosed. Maybe it was a coincidence--I don't know. But I don't want to run my immune system down again. I take a multi vitamin and I also take the Green Zone (a powder that you mix with water and drink) it has the grape seed, the royal jelly it has almost everything in it. But does anyone else have any other suggestions? Protein? Vegetables? more, less of what? I'd appreciate any ideas.

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I have been told that oats is a big aid in boosting immune system. Also exotic mushrooms--I think there is some kind of mushroom supplement you can buy--I'm checking that out myself.

I might recommend that you get a copy of the book "Superfoods RX" by Steven Pratt. He goes through a list of 14 foods that he believes will make big changes in your life and health and tells all the reasons why. Lots of mention about immune system in there....

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As far as mushrooms go. You can get

Reishi, PSK (turkey tail) (coriolous versicolor), shitake and others from GNC or other suppliers like vitamin shoppe, etc. maybe from wal-mart, target also

You can get shitake from the grocery also, but as Tiny mentioned they should be cooked not eaten raw (unlike other vegetables that are better raw).

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