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Breathing test


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Breathing Volume & Oxygen Uptake Efficiency

Lie, sit or stand. If you stand, then bend your knees very slightly. Take as large an in-breath as possible and then as quietly and quickly as you can count and still be heard -- like a fast talking auctioneer whispering -- count up to as high a number as you can reach on this one full exhale. Note the number down and try it again. Try it a third time if you think the number will be much different.

Do not:

Inhale during counting

Skip any numbers

Hold your breath

Breathe IN and count at the same time


Start again at 1 if you reach 100.

Make sure you include the beginnings of each number such as the thirty in thirty-three.

Repeat the tests in the same position you were in for the previous tests.

OK, try it now.

How high a number did you reach in that ONE long exhaled breath?


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I got to 67. I am supposed to have about 45-60% capacity, with both obstructive and restrictive pulmonary disease, chronic. I have one lobe of left lung (upper) gone. Have "moderately severe respiratory deficiency".

On the upside, I bet with practice I could be pushing 80 in a few days.

I suspect I will soon be waaaay outclassed by people with whole lungs, or better respiratory function. (( I HATED those incentive respirometers... and I have lost a lot of what I had gained in the beginning, as measured by that thing)).


Prayers always,


GEEZ, where do you get this stuff?????? :roll:

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According to the source I got it from, healthy lungs should get over 200!!!

On average people, it says, get between 100 and 200!

I got 72. Hmmm. It also says that most people don't breathe correctly, so a low number could mean you aren't breathing correctly. I will find the link to the article.


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