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Feel good, then feel awful--May be Sensitive


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I would post this in the Road Less travelled, but I am not sure anyone reads things there.

I guess this question applies to those of you who are not now doing treatment, if there is anyone in that position. Maybe someone who is in between treatments or something.

The question is this: Do some days you or your loved one feel pretty good, and then on others feel really bad--tired and just not with it? Some days my breathing is ok and some days it isn't.

Or maybe somebody felt this way BEFORE they were Dxed, since then I would know if this is a side effect of the cancer or not. I know so many of you have side effects from treatment, so it's hard to know which is what sometimes.

I hope this makes sense.

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Sweetie, you are ging through so much, I feel so bad for you. Everyday is different. Somedays I feel really great and somedays I can't get my act together enough to take a shower and get dressed. Even with out being on treatment, your body is fighting a heavy duty battle. Cut it some slack and go with the flow. I try to do something everyday, but if I can't I just figure that I get an a for planning it if nothing else. You need to concentrate on eating as well as possible, resting and exercising if you can. It is hard to do. And for me even harder to let people help me. I sat here and watched my sis-in-law do dishes this am, and it just was killing me, but it is what had to be, I could not do them.

Hang in there girl! We love you



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Its hard to understand what other folks feel but I have often questioned the difference between cancer tired and any other kind of tired. I was 6 months with cancer tired, not knowing I had cancer. I wasn’t tracking mentally and had difficulty just holding the paper, basically just not “feeling with it“. Its my understanding that the cancer sucks up nutrients otherwise intended for energy and body utilization. For me Chemo is a whole nother kind of tired. Anyway thats my take on it.


Betty, glad to see you didn't get blown away

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E-yup. That's exactly the way it is with me. I'll do ok for a day or two and then have a couple of days where I'm pretty much glued to the couch due to weakness and fatigue. And it doesn't seem to be related to any outside factors like sleep or fluid intake or how much I use my oxygen.

As for before my dx: One of my biggest complaints for the year before my dx was that I always felt "old". I'd see folks 15 or 20 years older than me, doing the same job I did, and having a lot more energy than I seemed to have. I know now that my low energy and tiredness during that time was due to the cancer, but I didn't know what was going on then and it was pretty frustrating.

What I try to do today is concentrate on what I can do to enjoy my life no matter what the situation might be for that day. If I can do a lot, great. If I'm having a day where I can't do much, well, I find some tv to watch, maybe play a little "on line" poker, and watch the nutty birds argue over the bird feeder in the yard (bird watching is also a favorite occupation for my cats also. :)). I've found that, no matter how tired and worn out I feel there seems to always be something going on that I enjoy.


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My dearest Elaine,

I am so sorry you are having these ups and downs, and I'm sure it weighs HEAVY on you mentally and physically. You have so much going on in your life and two beautiful children that consume your heart. Please know, as always, that my love, my heart and my prayers are with you constantly. You've got my numbers, so please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. My heart stretches all the way to Kansas and I will be on my knees for you tonight asking God to give you more good days than bad and to lighten your burden.

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peter, 1 Peter 5:7



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I dont think this should be in Path Less Travelled only b/c my mom is actively being treated, but like you described one day she is great, perfect, next day sicker than a dog. Then normal. THen n ot. Sometimes all in one day :shock:

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Dear Elaine,

9 years ago I did my treatments, and to this day I STILL have bad days and good days. Some days I feel weak, and just plan sick like. Other's I'm just fine. I honestly can say this has been going on for 9 years. So, I can't blame the chemo and radiation anymore!! Some days I even think better then others, and today is one of those, NOT THINKING WELL DAYS!!! :roll: I have asked all my doc's about this, and they just say, it's one of those things I may just have to learn to live with. YOU THINK??????? I guess I have!!!!! But it is very frustrating. Some days I can feel ishy for a few days, and others it might only last a day. It's nothing I would set a clock too!

I sure hope your doing better soon. And having said that, I'm still cancer FREE 9 years later! So, we can't blame it on it being cancer either!!!

Soooooo, let's just hope and pray the same goes for YOU!

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Hi Elaine,

I have to say I am with Connie on this -- no rhyme or reason as to what will be a good day or not. Energy levels bottom out, or can't breathe well, or just plain tired and wiped out. It fluctuates.

I am resigned to the fact that this IS my new normal, so I'd best be grateful for what I have.

Chin up, girl. I'm sure you can find something low energy to do that's happy. :)


Prayers always,


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