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Anyone had a hip replacement because of mets?


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My husbands left hip was replaced in December, due to mets. This is actually how we found out he had cancer, his hip broke! The last 3 weeks his hip has been hurting, the doctors have looked at it, there is nothing wrong with the prosthesis itself. Per the doctor, the pain is being caused because of irritation, due to the prosthesis. We have tried many many different types of pillows (has to sleep with a pillow between knees, it is a hip rule).

Have any of you had this? And do you have any suggestions? He can barely walk, and it is the major source of his pain right now.



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Are there any arthritis like artifacts in the film?

For my pain, I take Vioxx, which is also a strong NSAID, like celebrex.

You don't mention medication, or what else was seen in the films...

keep us posted, and let us know what information you can...



Prayers always.

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The only medication he is on right now is vicodin. There is a met in his right iliac, which makes me VERY concerned about the pelvis. Scott is insisting it is muscle. When only teh left side was hurting I agreed. About 1 hour ago he laughed and felt something pop on the right side, he does not knwo what it was. Now in addition to the pain i th elest hip area, the right side is hurting. The right side hurts from the base of the iliac (where the tumor is) all of the way down to his knee. I almost had him talked into letting me take him to the emergency room, but he suddenly decided that he did not want to do that. If it gets worse, I will have to call an ambulane, or a few friends to carry him, I can't!

I guess now I am only venting. Sorry!! I am just very upset because I know it can be more than a pulled muscle. When he broke his rib I had to talk him into going to the ER because he insisted it was muscle then too. Before his hip broke (because of cancer) it took the hip BREAKING for him to go to the doctor, becaue he was sure it was muscle as well. This is how we found out he had cancer.

OK.. I am done venting. Thanks!


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