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Our anniversary


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Well, I am not really looking forward to tomorrow. it will be our 3rd anniversary. We had so much fun that day. We went to Las Vegas 3 yrs ago tonight. I won $1200.00 before we came home! :D It was Rob's 1st and only marriage, which I thought was amazing considering he was 46 years old! He said he was waiting for the right woman to come along, and we finally found each other. Actually we first met 28 years ago, and I was already married and had 2 daughters. He was not ready to settle down then! He admits that. He had a lot of wild oats so sow.

Anyway, we met again after my divorce 6 years ago, and we were both ready then (for happiness). He was such a kind and loving and caring person. I miss him so much. Its only been 18 days. Sometimes, I just start crying and cant stop for a while. I guess the pain will lessen with time. Right now, I can't sit still and relax or even think straight. I don't like living without him! :cry: Oh gosh, here I go again getting all teary eyed. Damn! I have to take sleeping pills or I can't sleep. I am trying to run the business (remodeling) without his help, its overwhelming wondering if I will make it. I thank God for 2 great employees who are keeping me going. When my grandkids get back to school I am going to get more involved in the work part of the business. I think that will help a lot.

My daughter made a powerpoint presentation for me(with music) that is so great! Pics of Rob from birth on up to his death. It makes me cry to watch it but I know that Rob would (and does) love it! Anyway, enough is enough. I need to go to bed and try to sleep. I just have to pray to God for strength to keep on keeping on. God Bless everyone, and thanks so much for being here.

I haven't been here much lately but I just can't stay away for too long. You are all in my prayers,


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The pain will become less acute over time, and the good memories will overpower the bad ones. I know you can't believe that right now, but trust it. And understand that the pain now is a good thing because the capacity for pain limits the capacity for love. And a pain this large could only have been created by a love so large.



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