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more kidney stones???


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thank you to all who replied to my last post regarding my mom's latest hospitalization for kidney stones. Here is more info:

CT Scan ad Ultrasound were negative for stones. There was blood in the urine but no indictions that there were stones. I pressed the doctor for a second hypothesis on what the problem could be, he simply told me he had no other ideas! He thought she passed the stones. The didn't really treat her except with pain meds and hydration. This is supposedly one of the bst hospitals on Long island, New York!

Anyway, now she has a fever and the doctor prescribed a strong antibiotic. He now suppose the she has an infection in the sac surounding the lung. If my mother doesn't respond well to the antibiotic he said that he may have to begin therapy with radiation and then do chemo. Any opinions on that option?

I want her to see a pulminologist and I am thinking about switching oncology offices, but she is not in good health right now and does not like change...

Advice anyone??? My mom is having severe pain in her lower back on the right side the doctor just said that it was refered pain.

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It wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion, and most certainly wouldn't hurt to get a pulmonist added to your team.

Inform yourself as best you can as to what options are available to your mom. I'm confused about the jump in logic from passed stoned, to antibiotic, to pleural sac infection?? How the heck did he make THAT jump?

Keep us posted...


Prayers always,


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Greetings from one former Long Islander to another Long Islander :)

I had kidney stones a few times and blood in urine is a major indicator of stones. It is good taht the ultrasond and CT scan did nto shw anything. It is probably a coincidence with the cancer.

Have you thought about going to Sloan Kettering in the city?

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