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Consult with doc on Bobs MRI and Bone Scan..


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Oh my I feel a little weary tonight. Jo and Bob called around noon and said the doc (orthopedic back guy) who read Bob's tests today says he is quite certain this is a met to the 4rth lumbar vertabrae. He has a biopsy tomorrow morning, and is very overwhelmed about this. I think he was really thinking it was a disc problem or a fracture. He had been told by his regular doc that it was a fracture, but that is not the case. It looks pretty bad to the ortho guy. They are telling us that the biopsy will be a tissue and bone one and that the results may take 7 to 10 days to return. We ( Art and me ) have a vacation scheduled starting in 7 days. It's our only one this summer and is 2 weeks. We usually go with Bob and Jo and some of our kids and grands join us mid week. I hate to leave on one hand but on the other, our friends want us to just go and keep in touch. Not at all sure what to do. Bob can go if he can handle the drive and be comfortable in the motorhome, but he is feeling like that may not be a good thing for him to try, and we can understand that.

I would appreciate any feedback on what to expect next.

P.S. non cancer related.. I have a horrible rash with huge hives and am on steroids since Sunday and doing nebulizer treatments. My immune system is not so hot and I reacted if you can believe it to a deodorant change!! Also bp is 180/104...YIKEs. So I could use a prayer if you will please.


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hi nell,

my prayers go out to bob and his family and friends. you are such a great friend to stay informed about his illness. i'm sure he appreciates it immensely. i don't know what to tell you about "what to expect next," but my thoughts and prayers are with you. as for you and your health, please get your doctor's advice. i don't know much about b/p and things, but after being on this website, i know that taking care of your health is really important, even if you are the caretaker/friend. please take care.

God bless,


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Its more like Bob and Jo are family for us. We have been very close for over 30 years. Today we sat on their back porch and said we would just walk through this together, we are the closest to brother sister they have, since they immegrated from the Netherlands when they were first married. They do have 3 children but 2 are not nearby. We feel we are so blessed to have them in our lives and love them dearly. Thank you so much all of you for helping me support them. I draw so much wisdom from this site.

Also Cindy, I am on bp meds now, so that makes it a bit of a concern. Doc has me doubling the med tonight and calling in the morning. Thanks again for all your love and prayers and support. I am sure I will be needing it more than ever.



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Thinking of you and hoping that somehow you'll have a good vacation. Take care of that rash -- how awful! And I'm hoping that medication will keep Bob comfortable.

Now it's time for you to take some care of yourself as I'm sure your good friends have told you. Steroids can raise blood pressure so perhaps when you're through with them, you'll find it going back to more normal levels. But it's good that you're on medication even if it's difficult to adjust it at first.

Try to have some rest and relaxation -- and keep us posted about Bob.


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