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Happy Birthday, Debi! A gift for you...


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I searched the web and FINALLY found the perfect gift for you:

http://www.microbialogic.com/outdoor_to ... /privy.jpg

I know that you're getting a lot of razzing about getting an indoor potty, but THOSE are way too expensive for me. I thought we could just remodel the 50-yard model you already have...shoot, we can even put in air conditioning if it makes ya happy!

CELEBRATE your birthday. Sad news on the board or not, those that are no longer here wouldn't expect you to no longer celebrate YOUR life, bank on it. Birthdays are good for you, the more you have, the longer you live!

Love ya, girlfriend!


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Just wanted to add my own HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the actual big day. We gotta celebrate everything worth celebrating, especially when things are rough around here. So let's see you up there dancing on top of the.. um... thing Becky/Snowflake sent you!


P.S. My dad grew up in Oklahoma till he was about 12, and I think that gift she sent you might very well be the same model they had! The one they got when they moved to Texas was an updated version, of course.

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Thanks Becky..just how long did it take you to actually find that?? It is good to know that you are all carrying on David's harrassment of my adopted state... :lol::lol:

And thanks for all the replies... I want to answer each one but this would be way too long...and you know how I am never wordy... :roll:

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Gew Whiz Tina. Say that looks like one from around Dollywood or the Smokies. I'll have to check that out next trip to Dollywood. Recon maybe it could be Dolly's toilet.

Hey Debi...when you get it look in it and see if there might be one of her wigs in there.

Happy Birthday and hope you have a bunch more. It is late now but hope you DID celebrate your birthday. :):)

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