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Dad had alergic reaction to chemo


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Hello everyone! My dad started his new chemo yesterday (Taxotere-Iknow my spelling is WAY off, not even sure how you pronounce it). Anyway, he was hooked up via IV for about a minute and a half and he couldnt breathe, got very hot, dizzy, sick.... He called for the nurse and they shot him up with some Benadril and slowed down the IV, and everything seemed to go fine after that. The nurse said its fairly common for that to happen!?

Can anyone tell me if they had any alergic reactions to this stuff? Also, kindof wondering about side effects... Anyone can help????


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Good Morning Jamie

Sorry to hear the first "high dose" chemo didnt start off to well, Mom has not had her first one yet, but the nurses have already told us about those things happen, they give my mom benadryl plus something else (?)

to hopefully keep a allergic reaction from happening. next time ask them to give these before hand rather than after he has a reaction, more like for prevention.

Glad to hear he recovered quickly from it, and no i dont think its to uncommon of a thing

God Bless


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I agree with Kim. Now that they know your dad has had a reaction, they should give him Benadryl in the IV before they administer the Taxotere. (by the way, you spelled it right!)

I had Taxotere once every 3 weeks for 5 cycles out of a recommended 6. I did not have the allergic reaction, and didn't have problems with nausea either. The main problem I had was the low blood counts. (I actually ended up in the hospital after the 5th cycle, I had no white blood cells left.) The good news was that my tumor shrunk 31% while on Taxotere.

Hope your dad's side effects are minimal.


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Taxotere has the reputation of giving a reaction straight off. Luckily, Lucie did not have it. The day we went in to get the scoop on beginning her treatment, a person getting tyeatment had a bad reaction to the Taxotere. We wanted to bolt right then and there, but we saw it through. I agree now that they know this is possible, they will be more careful in administering the chemo. Don

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That is exactly, ditto, word-for-word what happened to my husband. It was awful! They were quick to get the benadryl in and stopped the chemo for that day. Tried it again the next week with Benadryl to start with and in 2 minutes - the same thing happened. No more taxotere. The funny thing was, it didn't happen until the third week. They were surprised. They said it wasn't uncommon to happen at the first infusion, or the second, but they didn't usually see it by the third time. The not being able to breathe part was the worst. Later he said it felt like an elephant was sitting on his chest.

Glad they were quick with the Benadryl, Jamie.


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Hi jami, my husband was given taxol-I don't know if that is the same thing your dad got-the name is close, but he had a bad reaction, couldn't breathe, bp bottomed out and passed out. He was not given this type of chemo again. Very scarry experience!! Hope you dad will get along okay.


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