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Bob got to the hospital today and they tried for a very long time to get an IV started and could not succeed!! I do NOT understand that. But after 2 hours another doc came in and told him that in the last 3 mo. they have gotten PET scans available here in Flint at his hospital, and that they wonder if he wanted to have one instead.. maybe tomorrow if they have a cancelation, if not then next Thursday. The thought is that there may be more mets to other places which would be easier to biopsy. Well I think that sounds wierd but he went with that idea mostly because his back is so very much in pain and he was dreading the biopsy. Of course, if the only hot spot is his back then they will still do the biopsy there. His abdmomen is swelling and he is having trouble with constipation and bladder function as well, and they don't know why. Art and I will leave a week from today but Bob and Jo will not hear of us cancelling the vacation. It appears he won't know much by then, and maybe not till we get back.\

Thanks for your prayers, will we all be needing them. It sounds like we are in for a rough road. My BP is still up but Ellen you were right. Doc called this morning and checked it again, she feels it is due to the meds and will even out when I am done with them.


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Thanks for keeping us informed. I do hope you are able to go on your vacation and more so that you are able to enjoy it. You are a wonderful freind to us here and to Bob and his wife. I'm going to miss you at chat time! Give Bob my best wishes.


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We'll be thinking of you all -- you and vacation, Bob and his tests. Let's hope the MRI clears some of this up.

I'm glad you're getting the bp taken care of --the meds and some time may be just the ticket! Try to relax (ha, ha)...and have a good time on vacation.



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