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Does your hair hurt??


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:? Mine does!

Okay, I shaved my head when the hair started falling out. But I have a really thick head of hair and have had to keep shaving it every week with all the stubble.

Not until this last week has it bothered me one way or the other...but this time as some of the hair was coming back in....any time I touched my head it was like little needles going into my scalp. My hair HURT!! :shock:

I sleep with a cap on at night...as my head gets cold if I don't, from the fan or the A/C....and even moving my head on the pillow made my head hurt. :(

This didn't happen the first couple of months...so I'm not sure why it happened this time, as the hair was sort of coming back in. I intend to keep shaving it....only because I know it will come out with PCI....so why let it start to grow in now and have to go thru losing it all over again? I might as well keep shaving, huh?

But....did anyone else end up with hair HURTING as it came back in? Or am I just weird? :roll::?

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:o Wow. You shouldn't have used so much after shave. Don't you remember what hapened to McCauley Culkin in "Home Alone"?

When my hair started coming back in, (after PCI), I had periods when my scalp felt pretty tender. I don't remember it being too painful or lasting very long.

Good Luck on this.

:wink: (Back off on the after shave) :wink:

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Maybe if you cut it really short without shaving it....

I had spots where I had hyper sensation, very.. itchy, tickly, like to driven me nuts! Dr. said it was a good sign... lol... Easy for him to say.

I hope you are not too uncomfortable, and that it quits bugging you real soon.


Prayers always,


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I lost my hair when I had chemo with the breast cancer. I wouldn't say my hair hurt, but all I wanted was my head rubbed. It was not a painful sensation, but there was a weird sensation for sure. One night my sister rubbed my bald head for a long time and it felt wonderful.


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Yikes, Fay...that's some scary stuff! :shock:

I don't have any sores or anything like that on my head..and it was my onc that recommended shaving my head! But...I used only an electric shaver, also per his recommendation. And I think if I hadn't shaved when it started to come out...I'd have looked terrible...like birds had nested up there or something! It really made more sense to just shave it all off.

This last time, though, growing back in...it hurt all over my head...like the hairs coming in were little needles or something. If I touched my head ANYWHERE....those little "needle hairs" hurt!

So....we buzzed it again two days ago...and it feels fine now. We'll see if, by the time 4-5 more days pass...my hair starts to hurt again. :roll: I just wondered if anyone else had had a similar sensation when the hair starts to grow back in.

My oldest son is a police officer...and he shaves his head all the time. He said his hair hasn't ever hurt growing back in...but dang it, mine sure did! :?

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