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Question on chemo treatment


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Hello , I was wondering if anyone can tell me what chemo drug do they use that is just a 1 hour treatment, hubby Rich is going monday to the oncologist to start his new chemo treatment and it is only going to be an hour his last treat of carbo and taxol lasted 4 and a half hours. I am having an awful time getting him to eat his weight is now 148 and he is very weak the doctor gave a prescription for decadron to help with his appetite he has been on it since monday and i see no improvement yet i have ensure, boost, boost breeze and some other stuff the nutritionist gave us he does a little of this stuff but not enough he weigh 148 on monday and I bet this monday he will be down 3 to 5 pounds more I have tried every thing he gets mad if i nag at him to eat I just dont know what else to do. I will talk to the doctor on monday again to see what else i can do. Thanks for letting me vent and if any body knows about the 1 hour chemo drug or drugs please let me know. Charolette

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Like Don I think it may be Navelbine. That takes less than an hour. Sense your husband is on Chemo as his doctor about Marinal. It is a synthetic Marajuana and does help with appatite. They are only supposed to give it for nausa after Chemo but Johnny's doctor used that as an excuse to give it for his appatite. That is the one medication that he had that did more good than harm.

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