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Well, I think Dad was confused, which is why I would like to talk to the doctor myself. He said large small cell.... but said it is the kind that it operable (if he is a candidate) and spreads more slowly, which would be large cell, right? We are not sure if he would be a surgical candidate because of his black lung and angina. He got the tube out today from the collapse and is feeling better, but sounds horrible. He has to have PET scan and stress test before any decisions are made. Can anyone tell me what to expect now? I am still so numb. I don't really think I have given myself a chance to let this sink in.

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AMY, this is Karen C. that would be non small cell lung cancer. Small cell is almost never operable and spreads alot faster, but also seems to respond better to chemo and radiation.

There is no substitute for being there whenever a doctor is present. I go with my husband too all appts. I don't necessarily go to every chemo but I go to every appt. there is nothing like hearing it first hand and being able to ask the doctor questions. Try to go to the appts., it's more important that work . . .

they're probably doing a stress test to see if his heart will hold up to surgery. that's good. A pet scan to see if they find any hot spots anywhere else where the cancer may have spread.

it sounds like they're on the right track to me, but try to be there if you can, knowledge is very empowering.

Hang in there, you're doing great.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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I will just simply ditto everything that Karen said. Try to get to the appointments if you can, and also see if your dad will sign a HIPPA authorization for you to get info, or if he will just tell them to put a note in his chart that they can talk to you. (That's all they did at our onc's office. They just asked who they could discuss his medical information with, and he said me).

The most important thing I want to tell you is that every single time I look at that picture of you, your husband and those three ADORABLE little boys, I smile from ear to ear. That picture just makes me smile. Those little boys are so cute! What a great picture!

Keep us posted on your dad.



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I think Amy lives in a different area and cannot attend the appt.'s. which has to be absolutely frustrating. I know at one point her Dad was going to see if they could call her during the appt. not sure what happend with that. I agree that she should sign the HIPPA paperwork. Mom did so I could call and ask questions if needed.

Sorry Amy, I don't mean to answer for you, bad habit of mine :oops:

Much Love to You All,

Amy P

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Hi Amy,

I agree with others that would be non-small cell cancer, same as my dad. My dad had to go through the stress test and pet scan before treatment. He was lucky enough to have one of the top docs at Johns Hopkins and he even said that pet scans are not the be all, end all but do give more specific information. I know about the anxiety, I think waiting for all of the test results was the hardest part! Definitely try to have someone that can listen well to the docs go to appointments with your dad, being pro-active with his treatment makes a big difference. My dad said the stress test and the PET scan were a breeze compared to the lung biopsy. Hang in there, and if you get more specific information and have more questions, feel free to e-mail me, I've become more of an expert on cancer than I care to :)


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This is the one of the worst times--the "waiting for it all to sink in" while you try to learn about this beast of a disease. Hang in there.

If Amy P. is correct--and you can't go to the appts. with your dad yourself, is there someonw else who can? (A neighbor, neice, etc.?) An extra set of eyes and ears can really make a difference, as others have pointed out.

Your dad doesn't happen to live in NYC, does he?


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