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Update on Hubby (Scott), 08/20/04


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We went to the oncologist today. Scott can not walk at all, he is in a wheel chair. Both of his legs have some type of injury/pain. He describes the pain as muscular and nerve pain. The doctor thinks it is possible that the cancer has spread to his lumbar and/or thoracic spine. We have an MRI scheduled to look at teh spine.

They also scheduled CT scans of the chest abdomen and pelvis again. The Doctor is concerned about his liver, since it has now been over a month since he has had chemo. The doc said the mets in the liver have most likely increaed in size and number. Since they can not give Scott chemo, because his stomach has not healed from the radiation, they decided to go ahead and do radiation on the tumor in the Iliac (Pelvic area) to relieve the pain from this tumor.

So, now we can just stress out and worry until all of these tests are done in September! The MRI of the spine will be done on August 26th. The CT scans will not be done until September, after the radiation has been completed on the Iliac.


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Oh, Renee,

I'm so sorry to hear of Scott's situation. Let's hope that the pain gets under control, has nothing to do with the cancer and that he feels stronger soon.

In the meantime, I worry about you -- you have to take care of yourself too. Do you have help? Take care of yourself -- Scott needs you!

Hoping for the best possible results from the tests....


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