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I'm okay and I'm back


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Hi all,

I had a great time with my husband and I feel quite a bit better. We talked a lot about Alan which I needed and I feel like I am starting to look at it in a different way now. First of all I know my Brother would never want me sad, and second I know he is happy in Heaven and I will spend eternity with him and all those I love. I love my Brother as he did me and that will always be. I have absolutly no regrets about anything. I believe it is time for healing now. I could sit and grieve but that isent getting my work done here on Earth nor is it any making for a "Happy Jane". Death is tough but if we put our trust in the Lord he will see us through.

God Bless each and every one of you :D


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So glad to see you are back and have taken a few of the important steps in working thrugh the grief. Each day will be different and a new step. But the steps are easier here with people who really care about you. Stay with us dear, you are part of the family.



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