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Daddy Update...


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Thanks all to your responses to my last post....

Daddy seems to be feeling "a little" bit better.... we started him on Megace 2 days ago (anyone know how long it takes for that to work?) and we decreased his paxil to 10 mg. a day as opposed to 20 mg. (did this on our own) He seems to be perkier and have a little more energy.

I have not seen him since last Sunday, am heading down on Monday afternoon to visit so I will be able to tell immediately if he looks any better. Mom says she feels he looks better... but... she tends to protect me but not sharing everything!! No side effects thus far from the Iressa... he will be on it two weeks this Monday. I thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, interest in me and my family... I am sorry I have not been replying to many posts, my mind is kind of "on hiatus" right now just trying to deal with the daily life stuff... This does not mean I don't read the posts EVERY day and think of you all daily. Love, Sharon

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Thumbs up on some improvement for dad...and for your advocacy!

Glad he seems a bit better, by mom's estimation...and when you see him next, I hope you agree fully with it!

Will continue to keep him in my positive thoughts for feeling good, and having a good appetite!

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Glad to hear that things are looking up. Ditto on the advice for just putting food in front of them. Anytime we asked Steve what he wanted, he'd say, "Nothing." Finally, his mother said to just make him some things and see what happens. He didn't eat a lot, but he did eat.

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