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Don Wood

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Lucie and I have been watching the Olympics. Two major thoughts:

(1) Paul Hamm, the gymnast who came from behind after a disastrous vault and won the gold with two great events. The moral for me: "Don't ever give up, even after a major setback." A good example for those of us fighting this dread disease.

(2) Michael Phelps, the swimmer who stepped aside and let his teammate swim in the medley relay. He showed true teammanship in a time when there is so much "me-ism." The moral for me: "It's about working together in this life." A good example of what happens here in our forum family.

I think our country is going into good hands, and feel very hopeful about the future. Don

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Don, nicely said! I also really appreciated the honesty of the Australian (?) swimmer the other night. Did you see that? The points said the American guy had won the gold, but then the judges said "wait, there's a problem" and it looked like he was going to lose it. The Australian guy came in 2nd, so he would have then won the gold, but he was right there in the pool congratulating the American, then saying right away that there was nothing wrong with the race, and when it was all set straight again (no problem after all), he was congratulating his American friend again. That's sportsmanship!


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