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RY, I need my 1st hall pass


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Going to be away from the boards for a week.

Not going anywhere but working like a dog at my job, spending time with my kids, cleaning my house.

Just been a really hard few weeks and I just need to be away from here.

God Bless and yes, I'm still checking e-mails.

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Katie, I hope you will try to do some "fun" things during your break. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs on earth...plus you are working outside the house as well and doing a really good job here. We will miss you but completely understand. Sometimes we have to get away. Enjoy.


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Here's to hoping that your hall pass will free up your schedule just enough so that you can a) sleep a little and B) take a few minutes (is 15 a day too much to ask?) to rejuvinate and spend on yourself.

The 1,001 chores will still be there waiting for you... :)


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