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And We're Off

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Hi folks,

Yep, I disappeared, but not really. I've been sifting through all the information here regularly.

Thanks to you all here, I got tests, treatment plan sorta nailed down for J. (my SO)

He starts vp16 and cisplatin Monday 8/23, along w/radiation. They're giving him Anzamet and some steroid for nausea first. We have the early bird schedule. 6:30 am start time, then radiation will remain at that time so he can still try to work. At least I'll miss the morning rush hour traffic.

I feel somewhat uneasy about the whole plan, but I think he should get treatment started, we can always go elsewhere after chemo week ends. I'm looking into it.

I highly doubt he'll be able to work much longer. My work schedule consists of working a few hours here and there during day, then graveyard hours . Sometimes it's so difficult just to make the necessarry phone calls. We can throw away our dressers, as I've learned that we can function just fine out of the laundry baskets; clean clothes havent been put away for weeks. Cats didn't get fed today until they finally threatened to report me to the ASPCA at 4 pm. (they usually eat at 9 am) :wink:

J's been in awful pain the past 4 days. Both arms, back, head, has blurred vision, and very dizzy. After first meeting w/oncologist, he said if we had questions to call, then he went on vacation, not back yet. :shock:

I'll try to be more consistent, but know that I'm lurking EVERY day, and your experiences and interactions w/one another has made this a lot easier.



One of these days I'll compose a sig line. However--SO w/pancoast tumor, nsclc, either stage 2 or 3, never given definitive answer, told it doesn't really matter, treatment is all that matters. :?:

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Kate, I love your sense of humor :lol: Cats can get pretty nasty :twisted: when you forget their food.

Glad to see you all have a treatment plan in order and I hope you can get J's pain under control soon as well.

You're doing great - that laundry wears just as well out of the baskets as the drawers - just keep putting one foot in front of the other and be kind to yourself.

Tell J we're hoping and praying for you both.


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We do not have a washer/dryer in our apartment--therefore I cart it with me around NYC and the tri-state area. The hamper seems to fill up as quickly as I am able to take care of it--and there are only two of us! We have affectionately dubbed it "The Great Wall of Laundry".

The upside is our cat likes to hide in the hamper (after her appetite has been sated, of course). :)

Keeping both you and J. in our thoughts and prayers.

Melinda and Geoff

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Kate -

Good luck on your son's treatment. I was/am not able to work through my radiation and weekly chemo. I'm not strong enough to do it. In fact my radiation has ended (33 treatments) and weekly chemo has ended (6 weekly rounds), it's been over a week and I'm still exhausted/

Good luck!

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