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Earl's Memorial


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Yesterday was Earl's Memorial. The weather was perfect, blue skies, temperature in the 70's, absolutely perfect.

Earl wanted no memorial, he had told me that before he got sick. I told him then that was unfair to his family and he grudgingly agreed. We held it at our house and only invited people that were very close to us and had been there through this journey. I felt this was a good compromise.

Earl did not like music with words and really liked the drums so we started the service with 'Wipe Out', his favorite song, to set the tone that this was a celebration of a fine man. His children all spoke, a few of the grandchildren did a reading, his sisters recalled his childhood, a good friend spoke and another friend sang. Earl had created a special garden in the back yard with a bench which was where we rested when we were out there working. Earl is now resting there, it is most appropriate, he loved our yard.

Earl then took our family and friends to our favorite restaurant for one last dinner on him.

I am sad beyond belief. But I am so lucky to have had 26 years with this man and to be surrounded by such love from family and friends. Please tell the people you love how much you love them everyday, tell them what a privilege it is to love them.

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How absolutely appropriate! Your tribute and memorial to, and celebration of the Duke's life sounds just perfect, Ginny.

I can only imagine your sadness....and I hope that as each day passes, the sadness is replaced with loving memories and the gratitude you mention for having had all those wonderful years with Earl.

You are on my mind a lot these days......

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How perfect, Ginny. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have been wondering what you would do for Earl, and knew it would be a relfection of your very inspirational care of him and love for him. You're on my mind and in my prayers daily.



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Dear Ginny,

I'm sure that Earl would be relieved that you, not surprisingly, gave him such a perfect, appropriate send-off. And to know that he is resting there with you now must be something of a comfort, however difficult this time is for you.

My mother, who died at the age of 95, threatened to come back and haunt us if we gave her a funeral. So I suggested a May Wine party outdoors at her house (she and my father always celebrated their anniversary this way), and she agreed that that would be ok. We like to think she enjoyed it.

I hope that you are finding some peace and comfort now. Please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do for you - you, the person, who did so much for Earl and everyone else.


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