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Don Wood

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My wife, Lucie, started chemo (carboplatin and taxotere) in November. After the second treatment, she broke out in redness on her face and hands. Dec. & Jan. we had to suspend chemo because of infections and recovery time. She just restarted her chemo yesterday, same chemo, and last night her face broke out again with red. Anyone else have a similar experience, and what did you do? This time it does not seem to be as bad -- there is no itch, just redness and heat. Thanks. Don

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Hi Don & Lucie,

I am glad to hear Lucie's rash went away. I guess no one on the board had any good advice for you! humm!! I know when I did my chemo (what seems to be 50 years ago, but only 7) I broke out with little bumps all over the top of my bald head. Never did find out what they were, because my doc or the nurses didn't know either. The bumps just hurt for about 3 days then they went away!! But, none the less, I am so happy she is much better.

Love to you both,

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Just an update...........Jeff got his Taxotere today and then the Carbo. There was only 25 cc left in the infusion and I thought he had a bug bite and then turned all flushed and well, he had a reaction to the Carbo (it was his #11) My chemo RN friend said they call it a hypersensitivity. They gave him alot of Benedryl and Decadron and it got scary but he's been fine since. Now what do we do?? I left that with the PA and we have a Dr. appt before chemo next week.

I don't want to complain, as I could run rampant, but sooo many things have been screwed up. Fortunately, I am a nurse and have worked for the home health company, and the Insurance company and now deal with all these people from my position in the hospital. I just don't know what the normal Joe Public do or how they survive.

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