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Article on Adjuvant Chemo Therapy for Early Stage LC

Guest DaveG

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You beat me to it Dave :) I just read this article before coming here and was going to post it. I wish i would have known this information 2 years ago when my father had his surgery. Thanks for the info Dave.

(I usually don't post much but I follow everyones posts and I just needed to show off my new no smoking Avitar :D LOL )


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I read the original report posted with Dr. Chevalier's comments regarding the clinical trial. The one thing I find most interesting is that most sites posting the results have failed to post the last paragraph. Dr. Chevalier concluded that the study was promising, but because of the toxicity of the chemotheraphy drugs he suggested that a new clinical trial should be done using non-cytoxic drugs. Additionally, further research on this clinical trial suggests that it was funded by Bristol Myers who coincidentally also manufacture the two chemotheraphy drugs that are being recommended for use. I checked the FDA site and found that these drugs were approved for treatment of "advanced" cancer. I'm still not convinced that this is the best course of treatment for someone who is early stage and post operatively cancer free and looking to just treat any "possible" remaining cells that might have been missed. It still seems that the negatives far outweigh the positives. I'm still researching....

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