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New here......apologize in advance.

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I just want to say ditto to what has already been said several times. Especially about not doing this to yourself. No one deserves this disease. No one. Please see a doctor asap and hopefully you'll be back next week with a "I am ok" post.


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I would have chimed in with every one else here, but was out of town on a work assignment. I am glad you are seeing the doctor tomorrow. I hope you get a cat scan and pray that you get good news.

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Missy...thinking of you and hoping everything turns out A-OK for you (insist on that CT scan!).

I know it's easy to say, but try not to let your imagination run wild til you know just what you're dealing with. You sound as if you have some expertise in the medical field (just a feeling from the way you've said some things)......if so, that knowledge only makes your imagination worse!!

Never, ever blame yourself....it's just a waste of precious energy.

Hoping to hear good news from you soon.....and, if not, we'll be here for you.

Mary :)

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I hope you got that checked out.

I had something like that, scared the (bloody) spit right out of me!

Went a running to the pulmonist, who said:

The number one reason to have bloody sputum is....

(drum roll)

a particular bacterial type of bronchitis. He gave me an antibiotic and said if you're still spitting anything with trace blood in it in three days, get an x ray.

Three days later -- no blood. No x ray.

Never happened to me before. Happened once or twice since.

GO SEE THE DOCTOR. If you haven't already, you're already a victim of your own fear of the unknown.

If I had to guess, I would have also thought blood traces in spit were horrible horrible indicators of something wicked. But not so!

So, take care of yourself, and let us know you're okay. Please.




Prayers always

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