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Estelle Danner

Connie B

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Dear Friends,

I'm am very sorry to share with you that we have yet lost another member of our wonderful family.

Estelleanna (Estelle Danner) from Wisconsin has passed away. I just spoke to her son and he told me that Estelle passed away on July 23, 2004.

Please keep her family in your thought and prayers. We will miss you Estelle.

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Oh I am so sorry to hear about Estelle. We used to have sooo much fun in chat in the early days. I used to tease her horribly about having a thing for Daveg (no she didn't really)...she was so witty and such a good sport.

Thanks for letting us know Connie. My sympathy to her family.


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I havn't seen posts by Estelle in a while. I we have exchanged posts and I have always enjoyed reading her messages. I am so sorry to hear that she has passed, thank you, Connie, for letting us all know.

My prayers for Estelle and her family...she was a wonderful lady. Deb

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My wife and I spent several hours with Estelle abd Bob the day before she died. As she used to work with myy wife, and the fact that she had joined the Lung Cancer Support Group at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cance Center, Bob called me within 5 minutes of her passing. All the family was there when she passed.

Bob has become a very viable member of the UWCCC Lung Cancer Group and is going to continue with the group, especially making his self available to other husbands, who walking the path he has walked.

The messages posted here are wonderful.

Just a note on the visitation. When Barb and I arrived at the funeral home, and as I was viewing Estelle, I noticed that there was something missing. She was not wearing her lung cancer ribbon. I removed mine from my lapel and placed it on the pillow next to Estelle. Bob saw me do that, came over and hugged me, then he asked if I had anymore ribbons. I still had some left over from the golf outing and I went out to my car and brought in two packages. Bob took a package and Estelle's sister took the other. Within 5 minutes everyone in the funeral home was wearing a lung cancer ribbon. It was a wonderful tribute to Estelle. I was glad that I had those with me.

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