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I’m new on this site. I have nsclc adenocarcinoma. I’m doing well. I was diagnosed July 2017 with a 16cm mass in right lung, lymph nodes, pleura. I took crizotinib only- no chemo. It shrunk tumor- it was stage 4-met exon 14. I had a pneumonectomy of the right lung. I’m looking for long term survivors with Met exon 14. I know I am lucky and I thank God and my great doctors at UCSF . I wish love, hope and healing to all here.

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Hi there, and welcome!  Glad to hear you are doing so well!  I'm not sure who here might have MET Exon 14 or have had treatment with the same drug, but if there are any, you'll hear from them.  This is a great place for information and support.

You might want to re-post in the newcomers' forum, just to make it easier for folks to see your post.

Glad you found us!

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