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Amy P

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Not having much time to show Frank how to put together a spreadsheet :D , I have very unscientifically (sp?) by looking at the first couple of pages of jokes and assigning a value of 1000 have come up with this score

Men - 6,000

Women - 100,000 8)

and I still have lots of jokes in the archives - Come on ladies let's make it a million :D

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This is a re-post from 06/30 04.

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2004 11:47 am Post subject: Girls / Boys Total Joke Results for June 2004


The girls versus boys results are in for the month of June 2004.All jokes were graded from 1 to 5 pts.Grades were according to originality,& laughter.They were graded by a panel of 6 adults.Four women(all blonde) and two men (also blonde).The votes were tabulated and gaurded by the firm of Pinkerton,Pinkerton,and Brinks.The envelope please!!!!!


The Girls win a close one.

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Curtis -

How did you know that I was blonde :P - although not a true blond :D My defense is that I did understand the jokes but had to deduct from the men for a couple of groaners (Frank :lol: ) and had to add some bonus pts for the ladies...well just because we are special!

Becky - Dig 'em up and let's show those boys who's funnier!

Much Love to you all!!!


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Oh goodie, goodie gumdrops!!! We now have another man to pick on!! Well, Curtis.........you did bring this on yourself!!! :lol: "Thou shall not pick on women in this forum and get by with it"............surely that is written SOMEWHERE. If not, I just wrote it. :wink: The war is on........Becky is checking her archives. I feel for ya' Curtis.......really.


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When you check the boards more closely this morning, you will see that Angie and I have been pretty busy--so you might just want to give up--cry "Uncle!"--. We have you hands down!

Remember, you have to get up mighty early to beat us women. In this case the early bird has gotten the worm--WE WIN!!!


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