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:lol: Just finished my second cycle of Alitma and the results again are that I am still considered stable...very slight shrinkage on one large tumor, no growth on other large and small tumors. Now off chemo for two months. That will be nice, but part of me feels "If we aint doing sumpin, we're gonna lose ground". I have been on almost constant chemo for a year, so guess it is best to give my body a break. Bottom line I'm happy :D



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It sounds good to me. My last chemo was June 30th, but I've been tied down with three weeks of radiation for bone/pushing into brain met on my forehead...so no fishing for me. (Well, I did want to go up to Portland for a visit and I would have eaten salmon whenever possible!) My next chemo will probably be Alitma, so I have been particularly following your progress. I am so glad to hear that you are stable...enjoy your vacation!


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I am SOOOO happy to hear your good news, and yes I think it will be a well deserved break. I do know that they say all the chemo keeps working after chemo has ended, but I can understand your concern.

After my dad's surgery they had to postpone his chemo cause of complications and we were SOOO worried about the same thing. He was supposto have chemo 4 weeks out of surgery and ended up having to wait for 9 weeks. All in all, so far it hasnt made a difference, so try not to worry.

Again, congrats...and Im SOOOOOOOOO happy for you!! :D


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