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totally not cancer related

Connie B

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Hi Everyone!

Well, this has NOTHING to do with cancer, but it is something I would like to share with all of my good friends here.

My Grandson Austin who is 3 years old is hearing impaired. Well, long story short, he just had surgery 3 weeks ago to have what is called a

Cochlear Implant inserted behind his left ear. This surgery took 4 hours and all went very well. :) This device will allow my Grandson to hear and the real good news is, they are going to turn this device on this Thursday, and my wonderful little guy will be able to hear for the first time in 3+ years. :D:D:D Well, I just wanted to share this with all of you, mostly because I am sooooo very excited for him and for all of us. This will be a slow process as they will turn the volume up every two weeks or so. So, the first day he will hear things somewhat at a soft or quiet volume. HOW COOL IS THIS???? :D:D

I'll let you all know how this goes, but they have outstanding results with this implant and I just can't wait to see his face when he hears all of us say his name and tell him we love him as we sign it to him. I might add, I'm getting pretty good at this sign language stuff too! :wink:

Love to you All and God Bless.

Connie B.

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Very cool, Connie!

My sign language teacher in college (I took it as an elective) was hearing impaired - she taught her DOGS to respond to signs! I don't think I'd have the patience for that, right now the spoken word gets me nowhere with Cookie... :roll:

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How wonderful for Austin and for your whole family! I've seen some info about these implants on....was it 60 minutes? One of the newsmagazines, anyway...and they are truly amazing!!

All the best to your little grandson....and the new hearing adventures that await him! This is just wonderful!!

(I do hope, for your sake, that he decides he doesn't like rap music though!! :wink: Unless, of course, YOU like it! :shock: ) :D

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hi connie,

i'm very happy for your grandson! since he so young, i'm sure he'll be able to adjust a lot quicker than older people who get the implants. i'm glad to hear that they will be adjusting the volume steadily so that he has time to get used to hearing. strange how we hearing folks take that for granted everyday. i'm sure every single noise will fascinate austin, and listening to your voice will be music to his ears. :D it's also great that you have learned sign language. i have always found it fascinating to see signers talk, implementing the most complex grammatical structures into their conversations (studied a bit of language/communication during college). my fondest regards go out to your family.

God bless,


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Your all the greatest! Thank you sooo much for your love and support.

Snowflake, your not going to beleive this, but we just got a new dog in December, and he was around 2 when we got him. Well, you wouldn't beleive how this dog watches Austin's hand motions. So far the dog (Dawson) knows what no no means in sign, and here Dawson in sign, and Go out side in sign. HONEST TO GOD! We sign a lot when Austin is here, and the dog is just added to our signing, so I guess I have to say, he has caught on! :shock:

Addie, RAP MUSIC!!! :roll::roll::shock: OY VEY!! I'll break him in slow to some Back to the 50's and 60's music! I hope?!

MJ, I can't wait to see some of the looks on his face when he does hear some things. And boy, are you right about us hearing folks take hearing for granted. I guess that's just they way life goes. I'm sure it might be a little scary to him at first, but in time I'm sure it will all work out just ducky!!!


I'm just soooo EXCITED!!! (can you tell?) :D

YEP, this is WAY COOL!!!

Well for now I have to go pick the little ruggers up from Daycare. I'll talk to you all soon.

Love & Hugs,


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One of the teens in our church youth group had that done and she would tell me every week what new sounds she had heard. Gravel under the car while they were driving, water running, the best was when she heard her moms voice for the first time. She it did not sound the way she thought it would!


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Keep us up dated Connie. By the way , I don't remember you talking about being able to sign so much. I go at a particular time on Sunday to church because it is signed. I love it. I can hear and see the words. Did you know that a baby can understand sign and "speak " it long before they are able to talk? Again we now all want to hear what happens thursday. Donna G

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Connie -

How Awesome! Yeah for your GRANDson :) . I too cannot wait to hear how things progress.

I work for a big telecom Co. and they recently did a demonstration of their relay services for the hearing impared - it was very fascinating as well as the two gentlemen who run the dept and also gave the presentation have both been impaired since birth, they both have interpreters. It was the coolest thing.

Keep us updated!

Much Love,


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At my friends funeral today, her cousin is deaf and there was a sign translator on the altar who signed the mass, the speeches, the songs.

Her cousin signed all of his responses to the priest and sang the songs by signing. He was an older man, too late probably for the cochlear implant.

Connie, you know my dear that I am awaiting the good news for Austin.

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I'm hearing impaired, so I know that Austin will do well,

after he gets all those noise classified, he is the right

age and it will be easier for him to adjust slowly to a

different world, a very noisy one even for myself.

Please, keep us posted on the progress.



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I, too, took American Sign Language in college and think it is a beautiful langauge.

I have worked with students who had the Chochlear implant (I actually also worked on a marketing campaign for the company as part of a summer job way back in high school!!!) and it really does work.

Just think--at the age of 3, he will be bi-lingual and have such a great appreciation for both the Deaf community AND the hearing.

I am so happy to hear the joy in your post. Please keep us updated on Austin's progress during this extremely exciting time. :)


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