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Blondes Gettin' Drunk

Mr Ry

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We are going for more points.

One day this Blonde woman was sitting at this bar in Chicago and looks over and sees this other woman that looks exactly like her. She says to the other blonde, “Hey you look just like me!”

The other woman agrees and asks, “Where are you from?”

The first blonde answers, “Chicago.”

“Me too!” says the second blonde, “What street do you live on?”

“Forty-Ninth Street,” answers the first woman.

“Me too!” says the second woman, becoming increasingly excited. “What's your address?”


“Me too! Wow, this is incredible! What are your parents' names?”

“ John and Cathy,” says the first woman. “Me too!” shouts the second blonde. “I wonder if we're related!?”

Meanwhile, the bartenders are changing shifts and the guy coming on asks if anything is new. “No,” says the first bartender, “just the Smith twins, drunk again.”

2000 points!

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Anytime a dummy blonde like me can guess the punchline of a joke pretty early on in the reading should be an indication that the joke might not be worthy of a great deal of points--don't you agree RY? Debi?

But go ahead and give it a few--and how in the heck did we get to start giving ALL jokes in the thousands??? Mostly the guys get a point or two--and us women often find those THAT ARE worth in the thousands. :D:D:D


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