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Don't Understand??


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Why such a focus on the negative of the past? I don't understand. There must be more to this than I know about.

I think it's time to let it go. If anything is scaring people away its this continual discussion of negative things and the disclaimers and email that we received. Just my thoughts. I want to get back to supporting each other. Take care.

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Remember I'm new and don't know ya'll very well. Actually just started to get comfortable enough to start reading everyday and commenting on lots of things.

Sounds to me like some stuff went down awhile ago....someone has upset a few people and vented their feelings about other things. :?

Regardless of a that mess......I have gotten so much support, help, education and hand holding here...That's what I have needed and I appreciate everyone and thank everyone. I would never have made it this far without you guys! :D

I've been trying to get my Husband to join so he has someone to talk too instead of me (he finds it hard to discuss it with me), I just have to stay off the computer long enough for him to do it :!:

Oh......I even made a couple friends in my area with LC. Can't ask for more then that!

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I'm not sure what went on either. I like the comment about not scaring people away. This site is too important.

We have to let people know there is life in spite of lung cancer, and we have many, many people here who are a living testament to that. I stand in admiration of all of you in active treatment, since I know the fog that I have lived in with my little tumor.

It's the primary school teacher in me--kiddies must share their feelings with "I" rather than "you" I am angry you hit me rather than you shouldn't have hit me :D:D

All day, I do this. In between those incidents, I do get in math and reading . . . :D:D:D


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I think the disclaimers and emails from management are there to nip the nasties in the bud. Nip the nasties in the bud and move on.

So let's move on all go back to doing what we do best - supporting each other - OK?

I think we can all share our feelings and ideas and even debate issues without being nasty.

Being nasty takes too much energy away from being positive and fighting this darn disease!

Karen C.

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