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Pain Relief for Terminal Stage (IV) of Lung Cancer


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This is a case involving my 84 year old grandfather. he has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer, which, the doctors say is in the terminals. He suffers excruciating pains with due to this. When ordinary analgesic drugs failed to deliver we shifted to opiate drugs such as buprenorphine and codeine. However, with time, these drugs have lost their potency. He still feels extreme pain. I would like to know if there are drugs which are more effective that what we have used. It is a sad fact that the drugs which we use grow ineffective with time. . It is painful to see him suffering like this.

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There are doctors who are pain specialists. Perhaps he could be seen by one. I wonder if he would be a candidate for an epidural. They plant a pump that feeds medicine into the spine. Generally, if it can be used,your mind stays clear but the pain is relieved. Try to find out if a pain specialist is available to him. By the way , are you in India?

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Is he in a hospice program? If not, pursue this. Hospice are the experts at symptom relief.

And epidural is effective, but they may not be willing to put one in him if he is nearing the end of his life. There is a patch with a drug called fentanyl (at least in the U.S.) that is very effective, but unfortunately it's also quite expensive. Morphine is an excellent drug and there are slow-release forms.

In short, it sounds like there are several choices for better pain relief for him. Talk to his nurses & doctors. Best wishes, Teresa

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