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one and a half year later


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I am still visiting here ...just silently.I have noticed that my physical pain has subsided.

The emotional havvock is still the same.

Does anyone feel similar after that time has past?

I was reading that some people have started to feel better?

It must be different for all of us.



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You have no idea how very glad I am to hear from you!!! I have thought about you so very much and have wondered how you are doing. As for me, it's been 19 long months now. Some days are good and some days are very bad...and long...and lonely! Thank God I have my LC family to help me on those bad days ! I have said so many prayers for you! I hope things will continue to improve for you and that you will find peace and happiness in time!!! Please stay in touch with us!!!

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HI Batina. I too have been concerned about you. In fact I even posted once asking about you. Believe me you are not alone in those bad emotional pits. It has been 20 months sense Johnny died and still I have days when I just can't seem to function because the emotional pain is so bad. Everyone says give it time but I really doubt that time will ever take all of those days away. I have learned that when they come the best thing to do is just give in and let the grief take over for a while. I seem to get past those spells faster that way than I do fighting them.

Please don't stay away so long again. There are a lot of us here who know what you are going through because we are there too. Take care and God bless you. Lillian

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It is so good to see you are still around. I keep watching for you. As Ann and Lily said and just like you, I still have my days too. Maybe one day we will all feel better than we have in the last two years. It is hard to go through life with such a heavy heart. It sure makes getting excited about anything difficult.

I have thought of you often and am glad to see you are still around.

Take care.

Much love,


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Thanks for your answers!Much enjoyed reading them!

As I mentioned before ,I am still around but have abstained from writing as there are really no news but the old ones.Stale!

I think too that this "longing" will never go away.It has become part of being me.

The only good news which happened in the meantime are that I have been able to read an entire book again....without forgetting constantly what I read before.I had started to worry about the state of my grey matter.

And the garden with its depressing(!!)weed situation is under control too.

I have gone beserk workwise and finally attracted a good old friend to come and visit.

He is called lumbago and calls the shots now.So in other words I am back under control now and don't knacker myself to the point of falling asleep in the garden chair at night.

It is still very hot her and all I do now is contemplating, what to do with my life.

You must be thinking of s.th. similar yourselves?

Have you done anything again you weren't able to do ?

Be in touch again..providing Windows Service pack 2 does not put a stop on my computer.....still having to download it.

Regards T

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