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Mets to bone, anyone have experience w/this?


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Last week the liver, this week the bone. Doc doesn't want to do radiation at this point because it would delay chemo (topotecan) by about a month. Evidently it would be too toxic to do simultaneously. Anyone have any experience or thoughts with mets to bone/liver and treatment? Thanks.


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Yes, I have mets to liver and to bone. Never had any radiation to bone mets because there really wasn't pain, especially after I started on Celebrex. However, the bone met to my forehead started growing to the point of pushing into my brain and so right now I am finishing up 14 radiation treatments to that spot...they didn't start until I had been off chemo (chemo intensifies the effects of the radiation). I do get a monthly infusion of Zometa to strength bone so that hopefully the mets will not fracture the bones. Are the bone mets causing pain for you? other than the mental anguish of knowing they are there. Good luck with your chemo.


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I hope I'm responding correctly. I'm not sure if I hit the right button. Anyhow, thanks everyone for your thoughts and ideas. The bone mets, although according to doc aren't bad overall, give my dad quite a lot of pain. The doc increased his dose to 45mg of MS Contin and 15-30mg of Dilaudid as a breakthrough med. We'll see if this helps. As of now, chemo is the recommended course of action. I guess I'm okay w/that, providing the pain killers help w/the pain. I'm afraid to start radiation because they say it would delay chemo which the doc thought might be better overall because it works systemically as opposed to radiation which attacks the disease only at the problem area. Overall a very disheartening and trying time. On the upside though, I'm fortunate to have docs that are working to make my dad as comfortable as possible.

I've got to be grateful for that because otherwise focusing on all of the bad stuff has really messed me up psychologically. I need to get back on track so that I can fight this fight and be a strong advocate and support for my dad. Thanks again everyone. I wish you all peace and as much happiness as possible.

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