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first day of the semester


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It is good to be back, doing what I do. Wednesdays are my busiest day of the week, with econometrics, the accounting seminar, and linear algebra/vector spaces all on tap on Wednesdays. It will be a real test for me to get my studying done during the day because I have always been a nightime studier. But I can't get anything done at night until Katie crashes.

So if you notice me posting less in the weeks ahead, it is just that I am busier and not that I am thinking of y'all any less.


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It was very nice. Alisa came over about seven; I told her to wait until after the traffic cleared up a little; she lives over by campus and it is either a 20 minute drive or an hour drive depending on the time of day. She could have come a little sooner, in my opinion, but I'm not going to complain much in case she reads this later. (Grin)

We had Chinese food from a neighborhood restaurant that Katie and I really like. We had takeout. I decided that actually cooking might threaten her health more than I wanted and also be a little too intimate a setting. So takeout it was, and it was yummy. The sesame chicken in particular is well done at this place.

Then we went to the swimming pool, and Katie had on her new floaties, so she was excited. And she got to show all of her tricks in the pool, and it is such fun time for us. It was nice to share that. And even nearly blind without my glasses, it was pretty clear that Alisa looks good in a bathing suit (BIG GRIN).

And then we settled in for The Little Mermaid. Some wine for the adults, and some milk for Katie. We have been watching The Little Mermaid a lot recently, so that was a fun movie because we could all sing along with the songs. And then about half way through - right after Kiss the Girl for those in the know - Katie decided that she was tired and ready for bed. So we turned off the movie and put her to bed, and she went to sleep right away. So then Alisa and I could have just a few very comfy minutes on the couch. Her children's bus schedule is changing this week, so she had to be up really early, so I sent her home a couple minutes before 10 though I would have preferred her staying a while longer.

So all in all, I think it was a success, and that we will do it again. The plan is for lunch tomorrow, I think. A quick outing to Souper Salads or something similar.

Comfy is the adjective that leaps to mind to describe last night, which is a very good one for a fourth date, I think. We both have lives at such a high intensity between my school and her children that comfy is a worthy target. So I hope she feels the same way about it.


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i'm happy to see that you and katie are doing well. i think about you both often, even though i haven't had the words to respond to your posts as often as i would like. when i first logged on to this site late last year, i was immediately drawn to you and becky, and i always read what you both had to say. i thank you for the implicit support that you both always gave to me through this difficult experience. you have both been such inspirations to me.

i'm glad to see that you are ready to hit the books...i would offer you help with your studies, but when it comes to math/economics, you might as well be speaking greek to me. :wink: in my accounting class in college, i wrote something like this at the end of the final (no kiddin'): hi prof. i really enjoyed your class, but as it is overwhelming apparent; i am not meant to be an accountant. :lol:

as for your fourth date with alisa. i'm happy to see that things are going well for you both. you certainly have a good head on your shoulders (i can gather from the many a wise things you have stated in your posts), so i'm confident that you'll make the best decisions for you and also for katie regarding everything in your lives. i pray that you both have many wonderful experiences to share with each other and with others, including alisa, too.

and who knows? maybe katie will be the next amanda beard or michael phelps. :D i have swam all of my life, and i know that it is such a wonderful experience to be in the pool. i call it my second home (sometimes i even feel more coordinated in the water, seeing that i trip over everything!). just make sure katie wears tons of sunblock!!! :D she'll soon be swimming faster than you, for sure. :wink:

i pray that the coming year brings you great joy and memories, and i hope that you'll continue to share these experiences with us. katie is certainly lucky to have you as a dad, and i'm sure you feel blessed beyond words to have her as your daughter. please take care.

God bless,


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