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CAT Scan


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Already posted once today about healing from radiation. My new local LC Buddy told me I should also share this.......................Went to the Dr on Monday complaining about headaches, of course she rushed me off for additional testing. Guess you can't complain about a problem when you have LC without being tested (is that good or bad?!). Anyway sent me for a CAT Scan of my brain. Last time I had a CAT Scan was when they found the tumor, needless to say I almost broke down in the machine.

Anyway the GOOD part is that my CAT Scan was normal! Also had chest xray to check on my collapsed lung and it has finally inflated to 100% again! Yeah!

We decided the headache's were from all the pain killers and general stress :wink:

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I just had to chime in here.....I finished all treatment LAST July and in August I was having horrible headaches and insisted on a brain MRI because I just KNEW the cancer was in there.......and after the scan turned up clear.....POOF.....headaches were gone.

Like you, they told me it was stress -- and I don't doubt it! You have been going through a VERY stressful time, and after surgery, chemo and radiation and the "fight mode" you have been in, ending treatment, although a blessing, is also a scary time! You are thinking "now what??"

"who is watching me -- am I just monitoring myself??" :roll:

I hope you find much comfort in the fact that your scan was clear and treatment has ended for the next month and TRY :oops: to allow yourself some time to relax and move forward with things as best you can!

Congrats on the good news!

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