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Update on Dad/Procrit question

Guest cheri

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I haven't posted or responded in a long while and for that I apologize! Travelling to Birmingham weekly, raising two small children, and just life in general have kept me extremely busy and very limited with free time!

I have been frequently "lurking" and have gleamed so much helpful information from everyone...information that has really helped our family and eliminated a lot of pain from this horrible disease.

My Dad's cancer has progressed and we were told last month that he was no longer eligible for the clinical study in Birmingham because of two tiny spots found in the brain. We came back home (Pensacola) to have the radiostactic (sp?) procedure done and the MD said that they were so tiny that they didn't recommend doing it. He never did receive the test drug (ABX-EGF) because they found the brain mets THE DAY HE WAS TO RECEIVE THE DRUG! DRATS He began taking Iressa three weeks ago so hopefully, and prayerfully, his disease will become stable.

He has no other organ involvement...just bone metastasis. He is in a lot of pain, constantly. Thanks to information posted by Roanna, he received an injection of Quadramet last Thursday to help eliminate his bone pain and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY.

I do have a question...he has been receiving Procrit injections for the past few months now. He receives 60,000 units weekly from his home health nurse (no longer can get out of bed to travel). After about the 5th day he really gets fatigued and very weak. He gets his injection on day 7 and within 24 hours he's great again. I called the MD this week to see if we could split the dosage...have the nurse come twice a week and give 30,000 units each visit in order to keep him stronger, longer. The MD said that he wanted to continue the 1x weekly injection of 60k units.

I am just curious as to what doses/frequency some of you and your loved ones are receiving from Procrit? I told my mom to maybe push the MD a little bit on this one so that Dad can have better days instead of being fine at first after the injection and then slowly declining.

Any thoughts?



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I am not sure of the dosage but hubby gets a weekly bloodtest and if the Hemoglobin is below 12 he gets a Procrit shot. I think the dosage may depend on the blood levels. He hasn't needed one for about a month, thank goodness. The Procrit itself can cause some side effects like bone pain.

Keep us posted on what you find out.

Best Wishes, Margaret

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I do not remember the about I was given, but I gave myself that injection once a week. Other wise I had to travel 20 miles to the cancer center to receive it. I did not need a nurse to give it. I used an insulin needle. It is quite small.

I am sending my best to your dad to get feeling better.


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thanks so much for the responses and helpful information. I remember that I took care of some patients (in my working days) that received Procrit injections more than 1x weekly and I thought that it would benefit my father.

John, yes, my fathers weekly labs are always around 9.9 to 10.8 or so...always under 12....that's why he gets the Procrit. But, now that you mention it he hasn't recv'd chemo since the end of June. Is this normal?

My father told me tonight that he feels like he is in the home stretch of his illness. My brother and I finalized his funeral arrangements today so that my mother would not have to worry about anything when the time comes. It was a horribly, sad day.

Thank you again for your helpful responses.


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