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I Heard News about my friend, Deb


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Deb's daughter Kelly pmed me today and I hoped she would update us all but she hasn't. Anyway, she gave me permission to use their names!

She printed off the thread where you sent prayers and gave it to her mom who was so pleased! Deb is still in the hospital because they are trying to get her lungs clearer before she can go home. Maybe by this weekend she can go home.

Thanks to all of you and please keep Deb and her daughters in your prayers.

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elaine, it is so thoughtful of you to relay a message for deb/kelly. my prayers go out to you, deb, and your family. i hope that kelly gets a chance to print out all of these messages and read them to you. we are all thinking about you and praying for you to be able to leave the hospital soon. and kelly, hang in there. i know that it is incredibly hard (i lived in the hospital--literally--when my mom was admitted...the nurses even gave me a cot when they saw me sleeping curled up in a chair, and i walked around the hospital in my pjs and bedroom slippers...one time for a duration of almost 2 weeks), but your support will help your mom immensely. please take care.

God bless you,


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