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Hello Friends,

I had to share with you that my father's bone scan was CLEAN!!! It was worth the trip down even though he could not have chemo due to low platelets. Oncologist told him that was okay too, it means chemo is doing what it should be doing. I am so relieved and thankful tonight that the bone scan was clean!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, each of you, so, very, much for all the prayers you sent up for him. It is those prayers along with my family and friends here in NY that made this happen.

This is my first post here in GOOD NEWS since this began!!

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That is great news Linda! We should get the results from my mom's bone scan today. Boy, am I anxious. I hope I will be posting Good News tonight! I know this is short notice everyone, but if you could please say just one quick prayer for my mom, I would appreciate it!

Thank you!

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