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Altima vrs Taxotere


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anyone know the benefits versus these two drugs and why a doctor would prescrip. one vrs another....

Dad is taking Iressa, starting today...then dctr may start up chemo again

Dctr said that can't start chemo right now cause just had radiation.....anyone hear of that before.



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J -

I just finished 33 rounds of radiation with weekly chemo on 08/12. We are waiting until 09/07/04 to start full strength chemo. Your body has to heal some before starting the next phase.

As far as the differences between the two drugs....I can't answer, I'm starting Taxotere. Can only say that the Dr. said it was very effective and they were "throwing everything in the arsenal" at me die to my age.

Hope this helps some!

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Started at Stage 1, then rediagnosised Stage 3A after those 3 lymphs!

Surgery to remove lower lobe of left lung 06/01/04

17 lymph nodes tested, 3 had cells in them, 1 was in center of chest

33 rounds of radiation, finished 08/12/04

6 weekly chemo carboplatin and taxol, finished 08/11/04

4 additional "full strength" chemo will start 09/07/04 given every 3 weeks, taxotere.

It's starting to turn into a song....and a partridge in a pear tree......... :roll:

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