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VIOXX Problems!


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Hi all,

For a year now, I have been taking 25mg of vioxx every day as a COX 2 enzyme inhibitor because there is some kind of evidence that this will suppress tumor growth.

Now, today, I see this big news story about "sudden cardiac death" so much more frequently seen in those people who take Vioxx.

Granted, this is in the 50 mg per day dose, but, how many times do I really need to see my life flash before my eyes?

I am allergic to sulfa, which is an ingredient of Celebrex, otherwise I would be taking that.

I really need to know that I'm doing everything I can to keep this cancer away from me, and taking vioxx every day just helped me feel like I was doing something. Now I don't know what to do.....

Always something. Anybody got any ideas?

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i don't know exactly what advice to give you, but i have to say that no matter what drugs you are taking, there will always be risks. celebrex also has side effects that can become severe in some, just like vioxx (i.e. like your allergy). since you have been taking vioxx for a year with no problems (i'm assuming), i don't see why you should be extremely worried. but you should discuss these concerns with your doctor since it seems to cause you to worry so much (and that has its own risk factors!). i hope that this helps.

God bless,


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It is always something, isn't it!

I also took Vioxx several years ago for another problem due to a sulpha allergy. Talk to the Oncologist, maybe seeing a heart doctor to be monitored for any problems is warranted. Just a thought!

Like previously stated.....you have been taking it for awhile without any problems. But like you, I would be concerned too! When I heard the news it stopped me too!

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25mg of Vioxx, increased my blood pressure

(that is already high) now I'm on 12.5mg a day of Vioxx,

till I stop for a few months and start again when

my arthritis is too bad, I am also allergic to all

sufla drugs, so impossible to take anything else.

Celebrex and Bextra both have sulfa.


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I also take VIOXX, and agree, whats next.... However, I thought it is in the aspirin, ibupropen grouping.. Maybe I am wrong here, but can that maybe be a replacement if you are worried? Taking say, ibupropen, instead. I do not take it everyday now, because it upsets my stomach sometimes, but I do take it off and on. Thanks for the heads up... I plan on asking since I heard it does help keep tumors from growing..

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I posted this somewhere else the other day but I will post it again-I stopped the viox and went to celebrex until I no longer could afford it. I am now taking naproxen sodium (alieve) over the counter. I take 2 in the morning and 2 later in the evening and they have worked very well. I still have to take darvocett occ. because the arthritis in my wrists and other joints ache but all in all it has worked. And it is CHEAP!!


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Yea, always seems to be unknown side effects popping up with lotta these new drugs...Probably rushed into approval too fast, dunno.

Dont know if this helps any, but Dr. started me on Vioxx few yrs. ago for Degenerative joint pain (arthritis{...when I found out it was expensive, he gave me Naproxen, not sure of the dose, but it gave me a stomach ulcer, which I spent 18 months and a ton of money getting scanned and healed up finally. I stopped taking any NSAIDS at the time of the ulcer...but now after my pneumonectomy, Ive discovered that Nexium protects the stomach wonderfully, so can tolerate the Celebrex again. So far so good. Dont know if it would help with an allergy to sulfa tho...might ask Dr.? I know it eliminates stomach problems caused by heavy pain meds, ..Hydroc, etc...and others, ...hope we dont discover hidden side effect in Nexium next...sigh...Anyways...Good Luck to ya.

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